Taoist Internal Alchemy

Taoist Internal Alchemy

The Elixir of the Inner Smile

The ancients called it "nectar of fluidity".

The Inner Smile is one of the earliest Taoist meditations. Its treasure is to help regain a high degree of vital energy by cultivating a positive relationship with oneself.

The Inner Smile will allow "virtuous" energy, i.e. radiating positive energy, to flood our vital organs and endocrine glands. One by one we get to know them in the clarifying and positive light of the smile.

The Inner Smile is a wonderful vector of self-esteem. The positive virtues that inundate every organ and every gland, strengthen our psyche in the sense of confidence in ourselves and in our true nature.

The Inner Smile opens the doors of the body to the life force. It has a fluidifying and warming effect on very blocked or very cold areas, a cooling effect on areas of heat congestion. It is soothing and restorative for the overworked mind and offers energy protection of very high quality.

The Six Sounds of Healing

Combined with the Elixir of the Inner Smile, the 6 Sounds represent a very precious step in organic detoxification. Because of emotional stress, our vital organs are very easily "overheated" by the emotional fire and our mind is set ablaze by the fire energy of the emotions. The sound allows the expulsion of toxins and the freed space is then filled by the luminous vital energy coming from the moving elements of nature. The vital organs thus refreshed, rejuvenated and strengthened, are more resistant to the incursions of negative emotion.

The Opening of the 3 Dan tienes and the 3 Lights in the 6 Directions

This opening represents one of the first Taoist exercises of centering and rooting. The "Dan tien" are the essential reservoirs of refined vital energy, it is also where it is multiplied. Joined to the stage of regulation of the essential Fires of the body, the opening of the Dan tien soothes the mind and continues the refreshment of the heart area for an optimal and balanced circulation of the vital energy in movement.

The Opening of the Microcosmic Orbit

"Microcosmic Orbit" is the name given to the energy circuit formed by the meeting of the Governor and Design Vessels of Chinese Medicine. These meridians are located at the back and front of the body and serve as energy "reservoirs" for the physical body. When they are blocked, illness sets in easily and stress easily takes hold of us. When they are well balanced at the Yin and Yang level, we are radiant with vitality and joy of life, we know how to enjoy life with insight and delight. We are centered and conscious All basic meditations are accompanied by simple and very revitalizing Qi Gong exercises. The focus is on breathing, spinal relaxation, revitalizing the sacro-lumbar region, joint and muscle relaxation, training the mind to focus on breathing and movement and connecting with the forces of nature.

Self-massage by Qi

All meditation ends with the stimulation of the Chi-Guardian or Wei-Chi, in the form of self-massages that combine the concentration of the mind and breathing on all the vital organs as well as on the perineum area, revitalizing among all.