Le Tao de la Femme Lune ® - Advanced cycle

Detail of the seminars of awakening to the Tao of the Moon Woman ®.

The Internal Alchemy of the Moon Woman - Gentle Initiation to the Jade Egg

How beautiful you are, Goddess of Awakening! You can continue your descent towards the magic cave of the inner friend... Your ovaries now listen to your heart in the confidence of the garden you have found again. The circulation of the vital force, punctuated by the dynamics of Yin and Yang in voluptuous spirals leads you naturally towards the soft serenity of your womb, nest of the feminine essence, sweet temple of secrets... The woman that you are has re-established the bond of trust with the matrix of all life, the unity of the different pieces of her inner puzzle. You know how to dance your dream! Strength and gentleness mingle in you in the power of your loins, temples of water... Venus, your Jade dances inspire love and reconciliation with the Divine. All to your radiant nature. Your inner moons push you towards the summer of your blossoming. Gather your spiritual fruit, Goddess! Life is waiting for you...

The Awakening of the Princess of Jade - Deepening the practice of the Jade Egg

We go down to the sources of feminine spirituality. We go further in the quest for the Spirit of Jade and the invigoration of the Body of Jade, strengthened and rejuvenated by pelvic gymnastics in accomplishment during training for the practice of the Jade Egg. We unite in the silence of deep unity, cultivating the serene calm of the Centre and the high vitality of our senses awakened to beauty, love and compassion. We advance at the rhythm of our Inner Goddesses on the path of the orgasmic encounter of Water and Fire and the Fusion of the 5 Elements, in its 3 degrees of realization. We strengthen the foundation of our moon cauldrons, wells of clarity and limpidity of the heart, in the harmony of our creative emotions and our meridians-furrows awakened to the marvellous flows of the Found Light.

Ewatch over the undulating movement of creative energy through the fusion of the exercises of the Taoist Internal Alchemy and the magic of the Dance of the Women of the Original, an ode to the Goddess and the sacred forces of the Creation of Life.

We approach the Internal Alchemy of the Moon Woman in the form of 5-day retreats in the middle of nature. These retreats include 3 days of guided silence which offers the most delicious cocoon for the realization of feminine spirituality.