Le Tao de la Femme Lune ®

The Tao of the Moon Woman ®

The Tao of the Moon Woman ® is a feminine art of Taoist Internal Alchemy.

The fruits of practice:

  • We rest deeply, we let go, we take the time to devote ourselves
  • You turn your emotional stress into vitality. The result is an extraordinary regeneration of the vital force; one feels deeply soothed and re-energized. We have awakened our creativity, our secret desires, it is the emergence of feminine sensuality.
  • It prevents breast and uterine cancer, prolapse of the female sexual organs.
  • One regulates his hormonal system: harmonization of the menstrual cycles, significant reduction of the inconveniences of the menopause.
  • The premenstrual syndrome (PMS) disappears very quickly. You are free from the discomfort of menstruation. The period is reduced and the menstrual flow is reduced.
  • It is a wonderful stimulation of female fertility and a gentle and smiling preparation for pregnancy.