Monthly workshops TAHITI 2024

Programme of Taoist Internal Alchemy and Qi Gong 2021 Workshops


C A L E N D R I E R 2 0 2 1

With Fabienne Flamand,
Senior Instructor Ecole Maître Mantak Chia (Universal Healing Tao System)
87 73 53 39 /
w w w w . t a o v i v a n t . c o m
The School of Living Tao / The Tao of the Moon Woman


Registration for the workshops can be done by e-mail or telephone with Fabienne: / phone (+689) 87 73 53 39


The workshops are there to support you on your way to the secret essence of happiness in life!

For more immersion, more practice, more joie de vivre for your cells and your vital momentum!

Very concretely, they will help you to:

- improve your vitality by staying "connected" to all your cells even if you can't attend regular classes the rest of the time

- go further in your practice, increase your knowledge by immersing yourself in a field, a form, a sequence that you cannot deepen in regular classes that only last 1 hour or 1h30: enjoy a longer immersion time that allows you to better enjoy learning and enrich your sensations.

- create a "Tao schedule" throughout the year that allows you to organize in advance a year of "taking control" of your vital energy! This means less exhaustion, fewer ups and downs, more emotional balance, with a higher level of energy in your daily life and perhaps projects, to fuel your creativity and live even better! …

or simply allow you to practice if you can't make it to the regular classes ... So we look forward to welcoming you!

Welcome to all of you!


Saturday mornings in the fresh air and outdoors!
from 7.15 to 10.15 am, once a month

at the Vairai Park /Punaauia

"Discover the alchemical breath of your body in motion to fill you with the benefits of life energy!"

- Sunday 31 January
- Sunday 28 February
- Sunday 28 March

Rate: 8000 cfp for the morning


Sunday mornings
from 8 to 11 am

At the Vanessa Roche Dance Centre in Faa'a
Studio 3

"Dare to reconnect to your
feminine, sexual and creative energy."

- Sunday 7 February
- Sunday 14 March - Sunday 25 April

Rate: 8 000 cfp for the morning