Le Tao de la Femme Lune ® - Beginners cycle

Detail of the seminars of awakening to the Tao of the Moon Woman ®.

Initiation to the Feminine Elixir

Woman scattered, woman too full, woman overworked, you will take the time to settle down and breathe ... to rest and breathe, to become one with your truth, to find yourself, to find your pleasure, what you want to achieve, finally ... for yourself. You will take the time to give yourself a gift. You will soothe your heart, you will listen to your body, your being pulsating with vitality in awakening... We take care of each of our fires, so that the flame is very clear and can truly illuminate the mazes of our inner night, so that the water flows again, so that the dry fountains, sometimes exhausted, start to spark again!

The Taoist meditations of the Inner Smile and the Six Sounds of Healing, make us slip into the simplicity and happiness of being all to oneself... Being as one really is, what a delight, what a liberation, being in contact with one's happy belly, thrilling with dreams of life force! Through the massage of our breasts full of vitality, we gently find the happy link with our ovaries and uterus. We honour femininity in our invigorating dances, massaging the feminine curves that lie dormant at the bottom...

The Moon-Woman found

We say a big "Yes" to the ideal stimulation of the feminine spring, to the rejuvenating surge of sap from the young shoots of the plant kingdom. We learn to strengthen our Vital Force through Ovarian Breathing, toning exercises and flow circulation. Enjoying a rest of the soul, deeper and deeper, tasting better and better the restorative silence of the lunar cycles, we make our bones breathe, learn to densify them to regenerate their marrow and realize our dreams in the very matrix of life. Our emotional body is all soothed, our quest for balance of the 5 Harmonious Movements allows us to access even more easily to the consciousness of the ovaries and the uterus, to their extraordinary relaxation, to their ecstatic breathing. We gently push the door of our radiant "home". We move further towards our belly, the centre of Life Blossom, deliciously reassuring, strong from the roots of our tree and our lighter hearts...