The lineage of the Masters

Grand Master Mantak CHIA


He was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1944. Noticed at a very young age for his athletic abilities, both physically and mentally, he was initiated into meditative practices from childhood by Buddhist monks.

While a student in Hong Kong, he learned Tai Chi Shuan, Aikido and Kundalini Yoga under the guidance of various teachers. It was then that he began to deepen his quest, particularly through the Taoist teachings, and met a hermit by the name of "White Cloud" from Central China, living at the time in the mountains around Hong Kong. His name was Master Yi Eng and he became the main guide of the young Mantak CHIA.

Realizing that the secrets of Immortality could not be divulged as they are in the West, Mantak Chia undertakes studies in Western medicine that will give him the key to the internal structure of the human body: physiology and anatomy.

It is through this web patiently woven between two different cultural and therapeutic systems that he will be able to present a unique vision of the practices of ancestral Nei Dan: it will be the root of the system of "International Healing Tao" founded in the 70s in the USA at the request of Master Yi Eng, in order to perpetuate knowledge in the West and which has become today the prestigious Universal Healing Tao System.

The name "Taoist Bioenergetics" was born in the 1990s, following the arrival in France of Master Mantak Chia and one of his first disciples, Juan li. It is a translation which allows us to glimpse that it is a question of cultivating the vital, driving energy, "Chi", hidden at the heart of the forces of nature and whose secrets are transmitted to us by one of the three pillars of traditional Chinese culture, Taoism. The other two pillars are Buddhism and Confucianism.

For 40 years now, Master Chia has tirelessly pursued his pedagogical work throughout the world. Today, hundreds of teachers transmit in their turn and thousands of students immerse themselves in the secrets of the philosophy and practice of Tao, born and still nurtured in the Chinese soul for nearly 5000 years...

The originality of Master Mantak Chia is to have written a lot in a strong desire to open up to the general public. His language is simple and based on the scientific method. His attitude is that of a researcher who maintains close ties with various scientific research institutes whose objective is also to make medical science evolve towards a broader vision of the human being. Today's medicine is indeed tending towards a "third" medicine, one that combines the principles of ancestral wisdom with the tools of modern science, which is open to the understanding of the pressing need for unity between body and mind. This is what the sages of all spiritual systems worthy of the name teach...