The Chi Nei tsang belly massage.

The "Chi nei tsang" is the belly massage of Taoist origin.

Chi Nei Tsang is an ancestral method with the roots of Traditional Chinese Medicine, entirely dedicated to the belly area as a Centre of Vital Energy. Practised in ancient China by monks and peasants, it was applied both to spiritual fulfilment and to the maintenance of excellent physical and mental health.

It teaches to cultivate deep listening to one's belly, to make oneself available to the internal demand for detoxification, to the emergence of the emotional body in suffering.

It is a daily adventure in contact with one's being, respecting its integrity.

Chi Neï Tsang is first practiced on oneself in the form of self-massage before being practiced on others, and is inseparable from the regular practice of internal Taoist Alchemy. It can be said to be a form of Qi Gong applied to the art of touch.

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