Chi Nei Tsang - individual sessions

Individual sessions by appointment

An individual session (by appointment) consists of the following elements:

  • an interview with the patient in which a personal request and particular blockages encountered in the physical, mental or spiritual life can be brought to light
  • a treatment of 45mn to 1h30 depending on the patient, adapted to each one
  • exercises given by the practitioner with the objective of making the patient autonomous in the management of his blockages and responsible for his own health by mastering his inner alchemy

To take advantage of our "January offer, book before 30/01!

Contact Fabienne FLAMAND to arrange your personalized session plan :


  • These sessions are for you if you feel the need to go inward, to refocus on yourself, to rediscover your axis and direction. They work as a whole, a gradual process, a journey deep inside yourself that will enable you to find a solid and secure foundation, to gather your energy instead of dispersing it, to anchor the strength to face what you have to achieve thanks to the deep detox of the organs located in your belly.
  • by email:
  • by phone: (+687) 87 73 53 39


LE TAO STUDIO - 365, Résidence le Maori - Papeete -Paofai (in front of the big stage of Toata)

January 2024 Offer" rates for 3 60-minute Ch Nei Tsang sessions booked before midnight on 15/01:

3 sessions of 60 minutes: 27,000 instead of 30,000 cfp (gift voucher available, think of it for the holidays, give the gift of well-being, everyone needs it so much!)

1hr session" gift voucher: 9,000 cfp (valid until 30/03/24)

  • Book before midnight on 30/01 and set up a personalized plan of sessions with me according to your needs.
Welcome to all of you to effectively release the tensions that come from your belly, your "second brain" full of undigested emotions that have not been transformed into vital energy