At L'Ecole du Tao Vivant, practice Qi Gong at the heart of the Taoist Internal Alchemy of Master Mantak CHIA of the Universal Healing Tao System (UHTS).

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TAO stands for "The Way".

Taoism is the philosophy of the TAO, whose fundamental principle is to follow the Way of all living things, which maintains a high degree of individual vitality and harmonious relations on earth between all living beings.

The physical, emotional and spiritual health of human beings depends on their ability to place themselves in the "flow" of the natural life force.

In nature everything is in perpetual movement and transformation to maintain a perfect balance of Yin and Yang, the two poles of the creative life force, the energy of regeneration. The human being must therefore relearn how to connect with nature and its natural movements so that his body and mind regain the natural harmony of their origins.

This is the purpose of the Internal Taoist energy arts which include several disciplines such as Qi gong, Tai Ji Quan or Kung Fu. These are the arts of "Qi", of the creative Life Force.

The student goes through three essential steps:

  • Letting go of the mind
  • The transformation of negative emotional energy into life force
  • The multiplication of creative energy by the internal movement of Qi

The Universal Healing Tao System, the Taoist school of Master Mantak Chia has synthesized all the principles of regeneration of the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies through 40 years of experience in teaching the ancestral exercises of health, prosperity and longevity.

The principles taught there are among others:

  • Deep relaxation of the nervous system
  • Space for cellular respiration and oxygenation
  • A gentle harmony of all systems: respiratory, nervous, blood, immune, digestive and excretory.
  • Relief of joint, muscle and tendon stress
  • The detoxification of the 5 vital organs and the transformation of negative emotions, the refinement of emotional energy
  • Detoxification and revitalization of the abdominal brain
  • The transformation of sexual energy into an elixir of vitality and longevity
  • Bone marrow rejuvenation
  • Optimal circulation of refined Qi in the 8 Wonderful Vessels

All of these principles are gathered under the name "Taoist Internal Alchemy" into a single integral system called the Universal Healing Tao System (U.H.T.S.). The founder is Master Mantak Chia. Its headquarters are located in the Tao Garden in Thailand. Here one can study from the basic to the most advanced levels of energetic and spiritual attainment.

You can also become a teacher and share these wonderful personal growth practices with friends, family and students, so that you can experience the benefits of TAO together.

The Chi Nei tsang belly massage.

The "Chi nei tsang" is the belly massage of Taoist origin.

Chi Nei Tsang is an ancestral method with the roots of Traditional Chinese Medicine, entirely dedicated to the belly area as a Centre of Vital Energy. Practised in ancient China by monks and peasants, it was applied both to spiritual fulfilment and to the maintenance of excellent physical and mental health.

It teaches to cultivate deep listening to one's belly, to make oneself available to the internal demand for detoxification, to the emergence of the emotional body in suffering.

It is a daily adventure in contact with one's being, respecting its integrity.

Chi Neï Tsang is first practiced on oneself in the form of self-massage before being practiced on others, and is inseparable from the regular practice of internal Taoist Alchemy. It can be said to be a form of Qi Gong applied to the art of touch.

Learn more about Chi Nei Tsang,

Regular courses Tahiti 2023

My Nature Cocoon program in person at Tahiti 2023



The aim of the program:

Helping you to be and stay solid in life, at ease with yourself despite the trials, able to grow by using collapses as opportunities for healing.

Thanks to this program, you will rebuild and/or put down roots a solid foundation within yourself during personalized belly massage appointments CHI NEI TSANG andregular weekly group sessions of TAO DE LA FEMME LUNE ®, TAO QI GONG, TAI CHI and KUNG FU SHAOLIN VITALITE.

"Nature Cocoon is the fruit of my 30 years' experience of practicing and applying practice and application in my daily life of ancestral Taoist techniques inherited from my Master, Mantak Chia.

It's a highly transformational program that will support you on a physical and mental level, helping you to manage stress, let go, distance yourself emotionally while remaining firmly anchored to the earth in the reality of your present moment, where it will support you in your resilience. Its great strength is to help you know and love yourself better, boost your energy, sharpen your perceptions and arm you for transformation.

By tuning into nature with nature in a calm, grounded way, you'll give yourself so much attention and love that you won't be able be able to your personal fulfillment.

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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday by appointment


Session objectives:

Helping you release tension amalgamated in your knotted belly from accumulated stress and emotions, with a belly massage Chi Nei Tsang belly massage.

Because your subconscious remembers above all what you put your body through.

With a session of Chi Nei Tsang you invite your body into an ultra-positive experience of transformation. You allow it to deflate, lighten and regenerate, because you breathe better, you get more oxygen, your blood circulation is better, and you leave feeling light, thanks to your belly, which offers you a highly transformational and supportive experience.

You'll be making a gift to your environment, which will feel different and will be touched by your new, soothing and rejuvenating vibration. Thanks to Chi nei tsang, you'll not only be doing yourself a world of good, but also your loved ones, who will be positively influenced by you!

Get a fresh start with a relaxed tummy! relaxed! Life is waiting for you!

Or ... maybe she won't wait for you anymore and will test you even more until you wake up! Finally!

Places where you can receive a session:

At the Tao Studio in Papeete Paofai (365 Maori residence exactly opposite Toata's main stage) or at theAlgotherm Spa at the Intercontinental Tahiti hotel.

To make an appointment:

+689 87 73 53 39 /

Messenger or WhatsApp: Fabienne FLAMAND


==> to Tao Studio

60mn: 10,000 cfp

  • 90 min: 12,500 cfp

==> at Algotherm Spa at the Hôtel Intercontinental Tahiti

  • 45 min: 16,000 cfp

Take advantage of my monthly offers at 10% off to start a personalized follow-up over several weeks:

This month of September 2023the 3 sessions of 1h are priced at 27,000 cfp instead of 30,000 cfp.

Offer valid until midnight on 15/09.

(Please note that my monthly promotional offers are only valid at the Tao Studio in Paofai. )




"To find yourself solid in life by loving yourself!"


Monday evenings, Wednesday mornings, afternoons and evenings, Thursday mornings and evenings and Friday mornings


Session objectives

Stay grounded on both feetstable and internally when the emotional storm is raging is a real challenge. Staying centered and not overflowing emotionally when everything seems to be falling apart is very difficult ... 

If your life, which is your creation and for which you are 100% responsible, "tests" you in this way, it's just to see what's in your "guts", to see if you've got what it takes and are ready for transformation. transformation that will bring you closer to your true destiny, to the refinement and light that your true being can radiate.

Sometimes we're so stuck in our old beliefs, our old patterns that we can't even see the solution that's right there in front of us. We live in a kind of illusion and are cut off from our body, our true reality, our anchor ready to propel us towards our evolution, our light.

At such times it is important to to to distance ourselves emotionally, to "get our heads out of the sand" and understand the narrow narrow trap we're falling into, understand what we're suffering from and transform step by step, transform tensions into new seeds.

We need to be able to generate change, an alchemical process, a transformation. transformation.

"Solid in Life by Loving Yourself" is an invaluable part of the Nature Cocoon program, to be activated several times a week through the various trainings I offer. It will accompany you effectively on your way to this transformation.

This program introduces foundations of practices practices of Internal Alchemy cultivated in the mountains of ancient China, and builds on the very solid foundations of centuries of Taoist wisdom.

As a Senior Instructor in the School of the great alchemist Master Mantak Chia, the Universal Healing Tao System, and a graduate since 1996, I will accompany you to the heart of these practices, now adapted to the modern world.  

Every week, follow your Training and plunge into the heart of yourself with gentleness and depth to awaken your treasure, vital energy! Activate your "Nature Cocoon! 

"Because it's in nature, the source of our bodies, that we can best rediscover the authentic rhythms, pulsations and vibrations of our cells in need of relaxation, expansion, attention and love."

Fabienne FLAMAND


PLEASE NOTEThis program in no way replaces psychotherapy or appropriate medical treatment. It is an effective complement.

> Benevolence, reconnection, stretching and gratitude on Monday evening - back-to-the-floor special, or how to smile at yourself

Tao Yin Qi Gong - Monday evenings from 5:30 to 7 p.m.

In the beautiful gardens of the Intercontinental Tahiti hotel


Wake up your numb body, activate your meridians and breathe, boost your vital force and energy to the rhythm of the ocean! of the ocean!

Tao Qi Gong & Sol - Wednesday mornings for your back from 8:35 to 10 a.m.

In the public park of the Musée des Iles at Pointe des Pêcheurs in Punaauia


> Cultivate your martiality by awakening the power of your anchoring in movement, the strength of your pelvis connected to the earth and your hands, open your fan and filter your emotions with the edge of your sword!

>Tai Chi (intermediate level) - Wednesday afternoons from 3:30 to 5 p.m.

In the Paofai gardens (opposite the Hei restaurant)



> Reconnect with your inner light, the one shown to you by the Sunset, and stretch your meridians with the various Qi Gongs that are so stimulating for the vitality of your internal organs!

Tao Qi Gong from 5 to 6:30 p.m. - Wednesday evenings

Parc Paofai plage Hokulea



> You're a woman... What if you were to delve into the mysteries of creation that lie within you? What if you tamed your creative sexual essence? What if you awakened this femininity, this gentle yet powerful Yin that's just waiting to sing within you and... live, live, live!

Le Tao de la Femme Lune ® - Thursday mornings once a fortnight

8h30 - 10h at the Vanessa Roche Dance Centre (Faa'a)

Next dates 2023: 14 and 28 / 09 - 05 and 26/10 - 9 and 23/11 - 7/12  


Initiate yourself to the power of Kung Fu and nourish your inner strength!

Kung Fu Sholin Vitality - Friday mornings, 9 to 10:30 a.m.

Paofai Park